English Menu

Egg roll
With sprouts & vegtables – 2 pieces
Japanese chicken skewers in teriyaki sauce
Shrimp panko & avocado
on a bed of root vegetables & avocado
Asian chicken wings
With asian chili sauce
Japanese dumpling stuffed with chicken steamed and fried – 4 pieces
Deep fried asian pastry, filed with chicken & spices coated with sesame seeds
Fried calamari
Crispy calamari rings served with asian dip
Salmon tataki & avocado
chopped spicy salmon salad on a bed of avocado & root vegetables with a marinade of vinaigrette & sesame
Corn soup
Thai Tom Yam soup
Chicken / seafood with lemon grass &spicy coconut milk
Tom Yam Morefire
Chicken / seafood
Japanese miso soup
Served with wakame seaweed, tofu &soy bean paste
Ramen nodels soup
Served with spring chicken roll, wakame seaweed & ramen noodles
Udon nodels soup
Served with tempura shrimp, wakame seaweed & udon noodels
Wakame salad
Wakame seaweed, cucmber, cabbage & date honey sauce with glass noodels
Japanese salad
Vegetrian / tofu / chicken – served ,mushrooms ,with sesame sauce dressing
Vietnamese chicken/tofu salad
Iceberg lettuce, bean sheets, spring onion, coriander & bean sprouts served with cucumber & coconut curry with nuts
Yam nia / telay salad
Beef / seafood – onion, mint, parsley, lettuce, cucumber, with chili sauce, lemon & mint
Sashimi salad
Slices offresh red tuna, salmon, seabream on a bed of red & green silk lettuce
Main Courses

Main Courses – Rice

Spicy kapao
chicken / beef / seafood thai style (spicy) with basil, mushrooms ,green beans & sweet pepper
Chicken cashew
sauteed chicken with mushrooms, vegetables & cashew
chicken / beef indian style, with ginger, garlic, vegetables, yellow curry & coconut milk
chicken / beef sauteed eggplant & zucchini in spicy &sweet indonesian sauce
Chicken/ seafood sweet coconut milk chili sauce, basil, pepper & cauliflower
Lemon chicken
Deep fried rice wrapped of minced chicken served with lemon & chilli sauce
Stir-Fried Veggies
Chicken/ Tofu

Main Courses – Noodles

Pad thai
vegetarian / chicken / seafood thai style rice noodles with cabbage,carrot, spring onion & sprouts
Saigon style
Egg noodles stir fried in oyster sauce, soy and vegetables
vegetarian / chicken / beef stir fried egg noodles with broccoli, peppers & green beans in herb sauce
Wild borneo
chicken / seafood stir fried egg noodles in sweet coconut milk, chili, basil, peppers & cauliflower (spicy)
Smokey shitake
chicken / beef stir fried egg noodles with smokeyshitake, ginger, garlic, peanuts & green onion in thai sauce
3 Mushrooms
vegetarian / chicken / beef portabelo, shitake & champignon mushrooms sauteed with egg noodles & sweet soy sauce
Japanese sirloin steak
Coated with tugarashi & nuts ,sake & mirin sauce
Nico choya
Beef fillet with portabello & shitake mushrooms in choya shallot sauce
Abi Fuji
Yakitori shrimps steamed in sake with garlic ‘ served with vegetables in orange sauce
Mix seafood
Shirmp, calamari, sauteed with ginger, mushrooms, green onions, creamy garlic sauce & anise
Salmon osaka
Served with sake, shallot & orange sauce with mash potatos
Malasian fish
Deep fried sea bass fillet coated in panko served with vegetables, coriander & sweet lemon chili sauce
Sea bream Asian style
sea bream, comes wite herb sauce
Royal seafood mix plate
Crabs, shrimp & calamari served with garlic cream sauce, basil & chili on a bed of mashed potatos & geen beans
som tam salad
som tam salad with shrimps
fresh corvina fish
sereved with Asian consume, served with shrimp & calamari and edamame beans
Goose breast
in orange confit, shallots friedon top, on a green bean puree
Banana Republic
Banana slices sauted in caramel and served with almonds and butter tart
Vanilla meringue served with a chocolate cone with a frozen chocolate filling berries and cream
White chocolate mousse roll served with cocoa wafers, filled with cream and berries
Chocolate Cake
Hot dark chocolate souffl’e with chocolate ganuche
Chocolate Maki
A delicious chocolate rollfilled with white chocolate mousse, coated with coconut chips
Chocolate Maki
Vanilla ice cream in tempura with strawberries and pineapple on a bed of chocolate soup and ginger
Kids Menu
Fried fish fingers
Garnish for kids menu
rice / fries / mashe
Noodles with chicken
Chiken fingers
Wine Menu
Gamla Cabernet sauvingon
(375 / 750 ml)
Galil Mountain Yiron
Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah. Winemaking: 14-21 days of fermentation on skins at 28ºC / 82ºF, full malolactic fermentation, and 16 months of aging in French oak barrels. Tasting Note: Abundant aromas of wild berry, cherry and plum jam on a background of seasoned characters of vanilla, clove and toasted oak; full bodied and well balanced; long, classic finish
Yarden Merlot
Yarden Cabernet Sauvingon
Yarden Chardonnay
glass / bottle
Yarden Kazerin Chardonnay 12
glass / bottle
Yarden Kazerin Chardonnay
glass / bottle
Yarden Gewurztraminer
Glass / Bottle
Cava Iberica
Semi Dry
Yarden Blanc De Blanc
Semi Dry
Med house New Zealand
Pelter Isr
Bestheim Alsace
Flam Classico Isr
Flam Rose Isr
Chablis Fourrey
Chablis Premier Cru
Red Katzrin 2011
Bourgogne ``Terres de Famille`` 2014
Like a family reunion, this wine brings together the members of a single lineage, from a terroir of Cistercian origins

Sushi Menu

i/o Salmon avocado
i/o Spicy tuna
spicy mayo, cucumber, green onion
i/o Shrimps tempura
spicy mayo, cucumber, tempura
i/o Foto (vegetarian)
tamago, cucumber, avocaodo, oshinko, kanapyo
i/o shitake (vegetarian)
shitake, sweet patato, avocado
i/o Tripod salmon/ tuna triangles
salmon/tuna, avo, green onion, panko
i/o Salmon avocado
i/o Spicy tuna / shrimps tempura
i/o California
Nigiri Kappa Salmon - 2 pieces
Cucumber wrapped rice fingers filled with spicy salmon
Nigiri Kappa Tuna - 2 pieces
Cucumber wrapped rice fingers, filled with spicy tuna
Nigiri Kappa Kani - 2 pieces
Cucumber wrapped rice fingers filled with kani and tubiko
Nigiri Kappa Tubiko - 2 pieces
Cucumber wrapped rice fingers, filled with spicy tubiko
Nigiri Kappa Ikura - 2 pieces
Cucumber wrapped rice fingers filled with Ikura salmon
Nigiri kappa avocado - 2 pieces
Kappa wraped rice fingers filled with spicy tamago and avocado
Nigiri Nuri Ikura - 2 pieces
Nuri wrapped rice fingers filled with Salmon ikura
Nigiri Nuri Tobiko - 2 pieces
Nuri wrapped rice fingers filled with tobiko
Nigiri Nuri Spicy Tuna - 2 pieces
Nuri wrapped rice fingers filled with spicy tuna
Nigiri Nori Spicy Kani - 2 units
Finger of rice wrapped with spicy Kani and tobiko
Nigiri Nori spicy salmon - 2 pcs
Finger flares wrapped rice with spicy salmon and green onions
Nigiri Nori Spicy Avocado - 2 pcs
flares wrapped rice with spicy avocado and tamago
Mix Nigiri Kappa - 6 pieces
Nigiri mix wrapped in cucumber filled with salmon, tuna, ikura, kani, avocado and tobiko
Sashimi salmon
Red tuna sashimi
Sashimi Denis
sea bream, comes wite herb sauce
Sushi Specials
Foto panko (vegetarian)
avocado, cucumber, tamago, yam, tariaki
Sushi panko – hot
salmon, avocado, tariaki in panko
Special avocado
avocado on top – avocado, cucumber, tamago, green onion
Special salmon
salmon, avocado on top – salmon, sweet patato, green onion, cucumber
Special tuna
tuna, avocado on top inside – avocado, green onion, tamago
Special denis
denis, avocado on top – denis (sea bream), green onion, cucumber
Rainbow maki
Denis, tuna, salmon on top, cucumber
Ebi sake
shrimp & tariaki on top – salmon, surimi, avocado
Maki seafood
shrimps on top – shrimp, surimi, salmon, avocado, cucumber
Sashimi mix
sashimi mix – 9 pieces – salmon, tuna and sea bream
Sushi Combinations
Ginger Mix 1
4 nigiri-tuna,salmon,sea bream and shrimps
Ginger Mix 2
4 nigiri, salmon,sea bream and shrimps
Royal Mix
maki salmon avocado, maki spicy tuna, maki shrimps tampura, 5 nigiri, 9 sashimi